Mandelbärli Blue Banana 4x40g, available: March & April

CHF 8.80
From   10 Set CHF   8.40
From   50 Set CHF   7.60
From   150 Set CHF   7.20
From   250 Set CHF   7.00

Fruit, or ice cream?

Mandelbärli Blue Banana is a highlight for all sweet-toothed Mandelbärli lovers, with the Blue Java banana that tastes just like vanilla ice cream. The banana’s full aroma can unfold in this light and airy almond treat, and every bite will melt in your mouth!


Our almonds come exclusively from Spain, and our hazelnuts are from Turkey.

Shelf life

28 days following date of production

Allergy information

Gluten, eggs, milk, almonds, hazelnuts