Mandelbärli Truffle 4x40g, available in December

CHF 8.80
From   10 Set CHF   8.40
From   50 Set CHF   7.60
From   150 Set CHF   7.20
From   250 Set CHF   7.00

The Truffle Bear, a sophisticated treat for very special moments.

We’re the Truffle Bears, available as a limited edition only – so make sure you give us a try!


Our almonds come exclusively from Spain, and our hazelnuts are from Turkey.

Shelf life

28 days following date of production

Allergy information

Gluten, eggs, milk, almonds, hazelnuts


Sugar, egg white, butter, wheat flour, almonds 11%, hazelnuts, bitter almonds, summer truffle 0.2%, truffle flavouring 0.1%, lemon juice, pepper

Nutritional values

100g contains: 500 kcal (2,088 kJ): 30.8g fat, 48.6g carbohydrate, 7.2g protein, 0.1g salt